21. GL Summary Transfer

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GL account totals are transferred to your accounting system using the GL Summary Transfer screen, here on the financial Transfer menu. At a minimum, the GL transfer must be made at the end of each financial period, but can be made weekly or daily if so desired.

Here on the opening screen, Gl transactions are displayed by financial period. This icon is visible when transactions are not yet flagged as transferred. To make a transfer, click the icon.

GL account debit and credit totals are displayed in the grid are cross-referenced to the GL account in your accounting system.

Click the Output button. On this screen, click the Export option. Select the Export to CSV option. Click Save to save the export file. Answer yes to this prompt to flag the underlying transactions as transferred.

The export file can now be imported into your accounting system.

In summary, the objective of this process is to periodically update the general ledger in your accounting system to reflect the activities of the manufacturing system.