17. Order Picking

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Sales orders are picked for shipping in the Order Picking screen, here on the Sales menu.

Click the lookup in the SO No field to launch the Shipment Planner screen. It lists sales orders that are ready to ship, in earliest required date order. Select the sales order at the top of the list. Click the Pre-Fill button.

The Picked Qty is made equal to the Remaining quantity against all lines where stock is in a single location or is not subject to lot or serial control.

Here we have an item subject to serial control. Select the checkbox against each serial number that is to be picked for this order. Click the Update button to process the transaction.

We will now print a dispatch list to use for picking the items. Click the Batch History tab. Select the batch in the upper grid. Click the Dispatch button. Click the Print button. Here we see a preview of the dispatch list, which shows the items, locations, quantities, and serial numbers to be picked.

The objective of this process is to pick orders in the order listed in the Shipment Planner so that available stock on hand gets properly allocated to orders in correct required date order.