7. PO Receipt

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When a PO arrives at your receiving dock, it is processed here in the PO Receipts screen on the Purchasing menu.

Select the PO on the opening screen and double-click on it. Click the Pre-Fill button. With a single click this pre-fills the Receipt Qty with the Remaining Qty against all lines except for items flagged for lot or serial control. Edit the quantity as needed if the actual receipt quantity differs from the PO quantity.

Here we have an item flagged for lot control. Enter the lot number down here.

After all entries are completed, click the Update button.

We will now print a receipt label for the item with lot control so that it is properly labeled for inventory control. Click the Batch History tab. In the upper panel, select the receipt batch. Select the item in the lower grid. Click the Label button. Click the Print button. Here we are looking at the receipt label, where the lot number information is clearly specified.

All the items in this batch were received into an inspection location. This way inventory is immediately updated to reflect stock on hand, but the items can now be inspected and labeled as needed before being transferred to their final destinations.

After items are inspected, they are transferred from the receiving location to their final destinations by means of the Stock Transfer screen, here on the Inventory menu.

Select the inspection location. Click the Load button. Click the Transfer All to Primary, which transfers each item from the inspection location to its default Primary Location. The location can be changed for any exceptions. When your entries are completed, click the Transfer button.

In summary, the key objectives of PO receiving are to receive stock in real time, to inspect and label stock as needed, and to transfer stock to its final inventory location.