11. Worker Assignment

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Job sequences are assigned to workers here in the Work Center Schedule screen. This screen is used to determine job sequence priorities and to update material and labor in real time.

All work centers are listed on this tab. Each work center has its own queue of job processes to be performed. Here we are selecting the Assembly work center.

Click the Schedule tab. In the grid are listed all sequences with a status of Started, Ready, or Next. When a worker in this work center needs the next assignment, select the Ready status sequence that is first in the order listed. This is the next sequence ready to be started with the highest priority relative to its required date. Click the Status button. Click Yes to change the status to Started. The worker can now start performing this process.

From a manufacturing efficiency standpoint, the primary purpose of worker assignments is to coordinate work center activities so that jobs are automatically expedited in the correct order to meet their required dates. See the efficiency video following this demo for a conceptual overview of this essential process.